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Sorry, if it sounded like that I was directing this towards you all. Just people read what others think and don't think on there own. So, they go Wow I can't afford this. I am in a different boat than most, I am single have always lived on a budget and know there are ways to do what you want if you want it bad enough on alot less money and I mean alot less. I search craigslist and ebay for parts fix my own boat and if I come along problems I can't solve I search out help, like here. I live on less than some some spend at starbucks in a year and I am very happy. When I got my first big boat it was in LA and I live in SF. Everybody told me I would die trying to get a 26 boat up the coast. Well, I did it. If I would have listened to THEM I would not have done it. I fixed that boat up and sold it and found a great deal on my 31 footer. Everybody and I mean everybody said can't be done. When I said why not, they said "you need this and this and this". I have sailed all my life on low budget boats and would rather die than stop sailing. I sail the SF bay and drop my hook next to the really nice boats and drink a beer and enjoy just as much if not more as them. I just get pissed when people tell me I need this or that. My boat is shipshape and safe may have faded gelcoat and older sails but, I can still kick ass on much bigger and better boats and don't call vessel assist when my filter clogs. I have always made it back to my slip on my own. I only have liability insurance and don't plan on more because if my boat is in trouble I will get her out of it or we both go down. Yes, I am nuts so take this with that in mind because I am not putting any one but me in danger. I would not consider this kind of thinking if I had a wife or kids with me. I am going to hit the rum now to cool off.
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