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Tiller vs. Wheel

Incredible feedback. Thanks folks... Please do not let this response take this full circle and kill the conversation, but I have to acknowledge my thanks and make a few comments:

To Silmaril and Woosh - I heard you both say in your posts (hope I interpreted correctly) that 2 pro''s for the tiller are and an advantage steering to weather, and the reduced "Murphy Factor." Those are at the top of my list too.

To DelmarRey - great input, thank you. We think alike, you wouldn''t be an engineer too, would you??

Billpjr - I agree with you! In fact, I think the single biggest reason wheels are so popular is the "yachtie factor." I am an engineer working in the marine industry, and while I''m not a yacht designer, I can''t believe "design limitations" are the reason we don''t see more tillers on larger boats. Over a certain size, the loads have to get ridiculous and it becomes a "design preference", or a "favorable trade-off" of course, but I can''t believe there are limitations in designing-in balance per se.

SVZephyr44 - Thank you, appreciate your reminder about quick, responsive turning in tight quarters... I remember trying to turn a tight corner in a marina in wheel-steered 36''. I thought it would spin forever - long after... I... hit... that... CATAMARAN!!!

In summary - If its the "decision point" on the next vessel, I''ll be more confident in compromising to a wheel, but the input here encourages me to keep tiller-steering in the "pro" column.

Not sure if everyone reading this will agree with my conclusion, but that''s what I get out of it.

Sincerest thanks for all the feedback!

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