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Regatta Pointe Marina

I made a deal with these people before I came here to clean the bathrooms for a slip. When we finallized the deal, me and Rojas, it was a slip and $150 a month, paid on the 15th. Then I was introduced to Klaus and was informed that meant 7 days a week. Being a Christian, and seeing Rojas trembling like a dog passing peach pits, I didn''t call her on it at the moment, fearing her job may be on the line and not wishing to torpedo her for something that could be worked out later. For the next two months I mentioned that working the Sabbath was something that comcerned me, more precisely, that working seven days a week with no days off since I''d gotten there was not my understanding of the deal, especially when dealing with ''Christians''.
Klaus threw his hands up and said "Are we only supposed to hire heathens for our business!?" Of course it''s an idiotic statement.

Klaus hired a ''minister/counsellor'' as part of the staff, and there is not a shred of doubt in my mind that this ''Christian'' was advised to aim straight for me and ''tune me up''. I found his ''sessions'' comical and pathetic. He''d come with the mission of re-educating a stray sheep who was evil in many ways and thought I couldn''t see. Finally, I revealed to him that I realized his adgenda and didn''t care, because he needed my help more than I needed his and I was happy to help him. I told him his employers would hang him out to dry. He didn''t believe me and swore that all communications between us were confidential and went no further. I squeezed a lemon into the conversation, saying something I hadn''t mentioned to anyone else, anywhere.
The next morning, I was hustled into a quick meeting with Rojas and Klaus. He started talking and I smelled lemon, as simple as that. I told him that he shouldn''t hang misspelled scripture out there. The put "God''s only forgotten son" where it should have been "begotten". I told him people were dissatified with the marina management, and even saw them as hypocritical. He demanded names. Instead, I brought up my seven day schedule. He said he never made anyone work a full day on Sunday. I asked him to show me in the Bible where working half a day was not considered working on the Sabbath. He said Virgil, the new dockmaster said everyone at the marina liked it here and no one ever complained, and I, who was ''supposed'' to be a Christian, was saying people were complaining, so he was going to have to believe Virgil, and I had to be out of the marina by the 15th of November. So, I''m out. Now, I want my check, the money they owe me. Guess what? A new deal is being fashioned by Rojas in which I don''t get it. I''m not surprised. I mention it to some friends and she freaks out, takes the keys swearing and yelling and kicks me out again.

Well, I''m sick of hearing myself. I''m going away and not looking back. By the way, right after the meeting, I told a friend about Klaus claiming he never heard a complaint, and the friend told me to look here. What a surprise. And if bwalker is actually Laura Rojas, I suspect I''ll know it REAL soon.
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