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Originally Posted by Cruisingdad View Post
I would opt for the Irwin, all things equal. However, depending on when it was laid up (a Monday or a Friday), the hull could be a mess. We hvae one in our yard right now that has major issues that they are not even sure peeling will fix. THey left air voids when laying up the glass originally.

If the hull is in good condition, then the Irwin. As a cruiser, you could care less (kinda, to a point) about speed. That might make you push for the Morgan, but at 30yo, I would imagine there could be more issues associated with it. Again, this is all things equal (which they never are), I would opt for comfort. The Gulfstar might be able to provide that, but the two I have been on did not impress me (though I do not remember the specifics why now... sorry, at least I am honest).

We met sevreal couples on Irwins that were doing the islands/cruising. Seemed a good boat and they were happy. I am not sure I would limit my search strictly to those boats, but I think the Irwin in capable hands would make the thorny path.

My opinions.

- CD
Thanks CD. That's good info on the Irwin. I'm not necessarily limiting my options to these 3. I've just come across them in looking around. I've also come across a couple of Bene's and like them generally...but they both had a lot of problems with the headliners, leaking, etc. Made me a little wary.

I'm actually with you on the comfort thing. I really want my family to be as into sailing as I am and comfort is important to them. Along those lines, the full fore and aft berths are important.

So - we'll see.
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