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And Freedom For All

I hesitate to post such a thread because I do not want to be marked as some radical dooms day evangalist on a quest to see if I can get a rise. I am only hopeful that in the future none of us will have to look back and say I remember this guy talking about this stuff but never dreamed it would happen.I feel that we the people boaters and live aboard left overs of another life need to ban togather keep the only real freedom left on this planet free for all who ply the seas..We are being systematicly hunted down and eleminated. The world we live in does not want you to live aboard or to have this much freedom sailing the seas we are expected to be where they (____________) fill in the blank,can drive to your door scoop you up and haul your butt off to the pound like a dog off his leash.Even here on the message boards allot of the people hate us we are not the condo dwellers with an attached dock who also belong to the yacht club crowd. We are like bikers and some of us are bikers,live aboard''s. I gave my life of my own choice to my country (USA)to use to defend it to the death if need be. Freedom to move about this country and to live as you please were some of the things I was willing to die for like my father and his father on down the line. We the people must draw the line on all this parinoid homeland security crap.
If we become complacent about this soon they will tell us what day you can sail on and where you may go. I for one will never allow this to happen on my watch.I was told by a Florida Fish and Game Nazi this summer that because my boat was documented it was not legal in Florida and that Uncle Sam issued regestration numbers for every boat the VIN I guess he meant so that the government he refered to as BIG BROTHER his exact words need to know where you are and why you are going to that place and if you are in another state you need to report in to the local Nazi post. The water Nazi then issued us a warning that we were to find a dock and go and regester our vessel by mail, back in Louisiana or in Florida so that we had numbers and a valid 2004 sticker and that we should not navigate the waters of the State of Florida with out it. I could see that it was not to my best intrest to argue with this idiot who was hired to cary out the law to the letter his letter anyway.We sailed away mad as hell that the quiet little port of Venius Florida had such a Nazi running the water way,s on a saturday morning at six oclock. He also ordered me to drop my anchor back down after. I had just hauled it by hand, a hundres feet of 5/8" line and 50''of chain and the plow not bad for a recovering open heart patient but twice in one hour is a bit much.I get very fired up about this and any thing that takes away any freedom from ........WE THE PEOPLE.........
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