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Originally Posted by patrickrea View Post
Hey ScottB

I'm not just a stinkpotter up there. I used to cruise around on a Shark and a Hobie 18. My brother and I used to sail to Midland for pizza, me in a Laser and him on a windsurfer!

Unless the Tomb and Cedar Point are having that big an effect, I have to disagree on the winds. They used to be more out of the W and WNW but have shifted more WSW in past years. In terms of strength, I don't know what's happening. Here in Toronto, winds seem higher than they have in past. At the cottage, they seem lighter. We used to get (more than 15 years ago) some really good 3 day blows (sustained winds over kn) at least 4 or 5 times per summer; not anymore. We also don't seem to get a sea breeze effect anymore. It used to be you could count on it. Our Saturday morning races would have ghosting starts but by the time you started your final beat to the finish it would be blowing 10-15. Shifting high pressure systems?

The reason I was recommending the outside route was Dave's objective for the trip is to spend time with friends IN Killarney, not getting to Killarney. Otherwise the inside route is the way to go. I love the ability to pop around into almost any little bay and be able to drop the hook, swim and fish. Real fishing; muskie, bass, pike and pickerel (walleye to the US).

In terms of depth, I have also been watching the lake levels. Not just for sail but for power as well as it affects my fishing holes . The Bertam draws only 2' (3'6" at speed) and the outboards (both of em) need only 2'6" at speed, but the Northstar draws 5'3" unloaded. I like to give her 6'.

Waves at O'Donnels Point are on a direct line from Huron and their size IS in direct relation to the combined fetch of Lake Huron and Georgian bay. It's like that old experiment of light going through a pinhole. As the waves pass through, they expand concentrically outwards. It just happens that as the wind is blowing at the same time, it will force the waves back to their original direction.

Ok, I'll concede the prevailing winds for now. I know in the past the prevailing was from the NW, but have not tracked it lately to see what the pattern has been. Usually I check the forecast for the next 24 hours and pick Hope, Beckwith East, Beckwith West or Christian for the weekend jaunts depending on the evening conditions.

I can see your point on the waves to some extent. It doesn't look like the waves would /could get through there, but Huron has a long fetch straight through from Tobermory.

I was talking about the inner channel only because you stated that it was for small powerboats only. I was in the town of Killarney on our second night out, first night Kilbear, second from Kilbear to Pointe au Baril in the channel and straight over to Killarney at 6 knots under sail, all the way and my boat will power at 6.5 knots easily. That day was 14 hours on the water.

The trip will all depend on the speed of the boat, how much he sails vs. motors and of course wind and bad weather.

I thought the Northstar was in Lake Ontario, not that many rocky channels down there..

Oh and Dave, don't worry, we're really not fighting here, I talk to Patrick all the time on this and another forum. We just like to keep each other on our toes.

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