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Hmmmmm...Why Wait? What's my philosophy? Now, there's a topic I can address.

First - background. Ever wonder what happened to some of those musicians you saw on the club circuits. They were "the band" that night and once finished they hit the road for another town.
They were the guys that you never heard of that opened for that big act that was your favorite band and they were the guys that everyone called "the roadies". I'm one of those guys. It was a wonderful experience and I never want to do it again. I started sailing when I was 10. Of course while traveling as a musican I didn't get on a boat but about 5 years ago a sailboat came back into my life. At the time I thought it was an accident. I'm not absolutely convinced that god sent me that boat. In fact, my life is a long list of miracles and I have the big guy upstairs to thank for each and every one of them.

Once gone I don't want to have to work. I'm so lazy that I'm running 4 different business's right now in order to make sure I don't have to work in a few more years. It takes time to do that but I'm working my tail off to accomplish it.

I have 4 kids. The two oldest are step-sons from a previous marriage but I have guardianship of them. (Not going to get into the bio-parents turned into worthless pieces of C*** discussion) I'm gonna make sure they graduate high-school before we're out of here. They'll be elgible for every kind of grant and loan out there for college if they decide to go. The two younger ones? I think the educational system is quickly going to hell and it won't be long before the public school system will become worthless. We'll home school them and they'll be better off for it.

Bigger boat with "most" of the equipment? (see 4 kids) We need room for the crew. However, all that extra crew will sure come in handy at times. I think there are some things that will make it possible for me to provide a little better for the safety of the Admiral and crew. As a husband, father and the man of the house this is my responsibility. EPIRB and liferaft, expensive? YES! But these are just some of the items I feel a responsibility to provide in the best interest of my crew (family).

Why go? God put a big beautiful world out there! I think we have an obligation to explore it and I think I have an obligation to show it to the kids. The book Jonathan Livingston Seagull may be pretty descriptive of how I feel about what we're supposed to do with the time we have on this earth.

Dang, my post turned out a lot shorter than I thought it would! Fair winds and full sails to all!

Cruise me!

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