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And Freedom For All

DelmarRey adds to what I was trying to say but I get to excited or maybe its That NRA thing I''m not sure. This guy came on like a bad guy and acted kind of crazy asking bogus questions and laying out senarios like what if you bought the boat here and never left. But I did but what if you did not. Dumb ass questions to ask a person who is visiting,I mean well then I ether died while in Florida IE I never would leave again or I moved to that state and had a Florida Drivers lic. I do not think however that making up a battery of questions of what if is right or has any place but in an interogation. Then writing a warning ticket that I still have that has my wifes hight and weight her Louisiana DL number the boats name but no number from the documentationthe date and no proof of regestration in the comment box. Not to mention I cut the hell out of my heal when the Nazi ordered me to drop that anchor back down and a wire through the clevis caught my heal and cut it all the way across about an inch and as blood flowed he never said once would you like to go put something on that. That A HOLE should not wear a badge, my dad was a Highway Patrolman for many years and a detective in Miami and I don''t think he ever treated anyone that way but he did quit to become a trucker they were more honest he said.The problem is that the number of jerks that wear a badge is growing and they have started to make up the rules to suit them selfs.That is a freedom rights issue in my book they want you to play by the rules but if they think they can change it a little to make it easy for them to find a violation they will and if it was not in the book they cover it up by burying the truth in bull ****.Interputation of the law is for Judges and lawyers not law inforcement who are assigned to protect and serve the public. To many want to have compleat control over anyone they incounter rather than serve them.
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