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Anchoring Rights

I was glad to see that other people rather than myself are not to happy with all this let us see what you have in your Trunk,your wallet your pocket your computer what do you have in your mind the thought police want to control what you think about.The Caribean use to be the great excape now the lawyers and cops have so many rules you must live by most of them to collect a dollar it really sucks. Well that is a overstatement its still a beautiful place but not owned by the islanders any more.I love to rant and rave I am good at stiring S--T being a die hard NRA member and a member of ABATE Colorado and Riders For Justice all hated by the government for not laying down and saying please put your boot on my neck I am a freedom fighter.Some people like the fact that you go to the city and cameras follow you around, I lived in Washington DC and I always felt like I needed to wash the back of my neck if you get my drift. Many years ago I was in the Marines and it seemed that we were fighting for freedom not for giving up individual rights so the government could run things for us.Benard Kericks face just came on TV and I feel he may be the bigest Nazi to have ever steped onto the scene a super cop just what we need I am sick of this protect us from ourselfs crap. What about my kids what is life going to be like for them hell I a''m half used up but they are all in thier twenties and have kids geez I hate to think about it it is depressing. Merry Frigin Christmas
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