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Enjoy bluewater sailing?


"tell me more about the return it a 180 back...? Im willing to wager depending on the location of the high pressure system I can take a loop to the south then west."

The routing back is determined somewhat the same as the one over in the sense that the frontal systems and a turning point around the N Bahamas will shape your course. However, the Stream can play an extra card on the return since you''ll be opposing it as you cross and then hug the shore for your last leg S. As for one dominant High, that would be the Azores High and is influential if continuing E beyond Bermuda enroute the Azores but the SE USA high pressure zones fluctuate more over time.

"when you refer to "the deeper the lows"you are referring to the jetstream that carries these lows."

No. I meant to refer to the fact that some low pressure systems have a lower (deeper) pressure, which in turn generates stronger pressure gradients and so stronger winds. And while the jetstream does have an influence on these systems, you''ll find LP systems stacked up against one another on occasion and so influencing one another, and also being influenced by the strength of adjacent highs. It''s not cookbook, which is one reason why folks like to at least listen in to SOUTHBOUND II even if they only carry a receiver.

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