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And Freedom For All

I just talked to a friend who is in Key West he says the place is "sick" and that is not slang for cool. The big money is so parinoid they have to have everything secure and locked up so no one can spoil the paridise they have built for them and only them.The truth is I don''t care any more I am going to do as I please I will play it as close to the rules as I can but I am not going by the book. I don''t see how they think that a set of rules can work for such a diverse population that is totaly out of the question.And The kid they tazered did have a piece of broken glass from a picture frame to try and protect himself from six adults that had him cornered like a rabbit fighting off the dogs. The women officers who tazered him shot him in the chest and in his pelvic pubic bone both shots were uncalled for the chect shot could have been fatal to an adolecent.I saw the film of that I almost threw up . I was so outraged by the Nazi Bitches actions it was beyond words no matter what the child was small and they should have backed off and let him calm down.Had he had a gun I can see that kind of force but a piece of glass get some welding gloves and take the glass away from him or simply break the glass with a baton that,would have been my way but then I am not some hyped on steroids rookie cop.Oh there I go stereo typing them that makes me just like them except I did not rscially profile them.Geez they may come and drag me away for this under the homeland security act.Semper Fi
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