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Financial Guidance?

I think it''s a really good idea. Mind you, I''m not a cruiser, I''m a wannabe, but I''m getting close, and so I have some tens of thousands of dollars that want handling (I know, that''s a shocking statement--NOONE wants to talk money around here!) For one thing, with a little research, you could provide some good numbers on the proverbial question--"what does it cost?" Sailors love to say, "Well, that depends," or "It costs what you''ve got," but, in fact, it''s a very answerable question (and there are some more or less precise answers out there if you look hard), but someone with some money/numbers sense and a bit of research could help detail it out and make it clearer what you can do where, on what kind of boat, for how much. Jack knows what it costs--he''s said somewhere that he keeps track of every dime--so he knows what a cruise on his boat, living the kind of life that he lives, doing the things they do costs--and he could probably print out a Quicken file and say where everything went. That''s a good start to cruise planning, I should think. Combine that with bill-paying/mail service, portfolio management, currency updates, cost-of-living updates for various cruising grounds, research and advice on insurance matters (boat and health)...I think Jack''s right that a lot of it is generic, but I also think you''re right in that there''s a benefit to tailoring the financial advice to the client--and cruising is a BIG variable (I should think). I''ll be your guinea pig. I''ll put your logo on my mainsail...One question may be, a lot of cruisers probably have generic money managers of some type--could you convince them that your sailorcentric approach would be sufficiently beneficial to them to switch? But it sounds attractive to me.

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