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Originally Posted by sailortjk1 View Post
I agree there certainly are many places where we can save some cash.
The alternator is another good one.
But like I said in my comments, a lot of what we pay extra for is the convenience of walking into a West Store and walking out in a matter of minutes with what we need. At certain times and in certain circumstances, I am willing to pay for this convenience. Other times I am not.

To tell you the truth, if I was the Original Poster and was told $90.00 for the replacement seat, I would have asked how much for a new head and probably I would have bought the new head for $120.00

A marine head for $120? Looked on Sailnet and Defender. Both heads (the least expensive listed) were $300, not including shipping. The thought of throwing out a perfectly good head for want of a seat makes me cringe. As does the fact that one part might have cost the same as the entire product (it does happen). We are such a wasteful society! The seat on Defender was $60, add $20 for shipping and PRESTO...$80! The notion of WM as a convenience store is an interesting one. As is the notion of them having what you want when you want it (their inventory control is the worst I've ever seen in a retail outlet!). 7-11 is a convenience store, WM is not! It's a brick and mortar chandlery (sort of ). If you are comparing it with the Internet, it's not fair as they have no (or little) overhead for retail outlets or shipping costs. However, as I've just demonstrated, the net effect to the consumer is often the same. Bottom line...we get screwed as boat owners. It's nothing's not going to change! This stupid little toilet seat just rubbed it in my face. Just needed to vent!
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