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Originally Posted by xort View Post
From jandys first poste here: "I was lucky enough to come in contact with the manufacturer of these new high power WiFi transmitter/receivers through a friend of a relative and ended up a beta tester in return to offering my review and results and I can say, the search is OVER"

So does he have a commercial connection? Yes, sort of.

Yes, I saw that. But something about it didn't sound right to me. And then Jandy went on to say (redacted for brevity, emphasis added):

Originally Posted by jandy View Post
Sorry sailingdog, these commercial units are not on the market yet. But YOU know they are junk right? Is this true colors times??


But I don't know what I am doing, just relying on stats on-line and experts words.


the PASSPORT802.ULTRA's are $59.00 MSRP Which has no installation, USB plug and play. Completely different animal. Take it out of your pocket and plug it in, turn on your computer and go.


I am sure these are all real good, but I have not seen anything that cheap with that power rating or convenience - thus I just thought I would talk about them. (but I don't have clue anyway)


The "PORTSIDE802" I believe is marketed as a lesser cost commercial grade solution to the really expensive commercial duty boxes, not the little ones for in close in use and certainly not "hoist it up the mast" types And they have a built in router option and are AP configurable as servers. I think that's the PASSPORT units - little USB devices you should have been comparing to sailingdog.


And for those who are interested, the engineers tell me the jumps between 500mW, 600mW up to 1,000mW are huge steps that require completely different chip sets for each of the incremental steps up. But what do they know. Engineers, phooey, what do they know. By the way, when I asked them about the chip sets, they said Ubiquiti products are real good stuff, just a different market and application focus and a little more expensive - but good stuff for their market. Am I promoting 802Marine stuff ?? I guess I am and let me ADD !!! FURUNO, MAXSEA, MAPTECH, ICOM, GPSNavX, XAXERO, GLOBAL MARINE NETWORKS, DIGITAL ANTENNA, MORAD, IRIDIUM, ANCOR, LINKSYS, HP, CARL ZEISS, NIKON and SONY-no bologna) !!! GOOD STUFF AND EXPENSIVE TOO. Oh yeah, PORT TOWNSEND SAILS TOO!!! THAT'S WHAT I HAVE ON MY BOAT. THAT'S WHAT I USE. I DO NOT USE GARMIN or SNOOGYLOOGY OR . . . .


Maybe you need to read a little closer, I did not compare or endorse or wish to "advertise" the PASSPORT802.ULTRA (but at the price, it's a great little device) BUT is not the same as the Ubiquiti 2 or 5 - as stated, different animal, different application.


So since I don't know what I am talking about, I suggest people go to the Ubiquiti site and check out all of the products they make (that don't exist of course - good stuff for the market as far as I am told and as i can see)


As far as your (sailingdog's) weird statement "I do not know what I am talking about" i think what you mean is the manufacturers and engineers I talk to "don't know what THEY are talking about" I am just a consumer, and do not claim to an expert, just a hard core shopper with a with a boat and a high tech background in other completely unrelated passive audio electronics fields. Just a Note: I DO know this, you will find that I do not post a reply to every thread on every subject in every Forum category on the sailnet site.

Forums are cool and everything, but i am trying hard to have a life.

Oh well, I am happy, my PORTSIDE802 box works great and I have one single nice LMR400DB cable going out to the antenna just like my VHF and my DSLREPORTS DOT COM data throughput tests results are "rockin"!!! and i get signals everywhere i go up and down the greater Puget Sound region and up and down the Pacific Coast.

Safe sail all . . . .

Which he followed with this post (emphasis added):

Originally Posted by jandy View Post
Well I give up

Sorry, but I was given a box to use, but not money to use it. Just real happy with the results I achieved and thought I would share it and sorry again for "Channels" of course they are PORTS but I was not being as focused as i should have been.

I would love to rep these WiFi products though, nut they are a small company and have no room for an old man. i would not think of telling them to look at this thread though, they would not understand not being able to speak openly about products. everyone I know are live-aboard's and depend on the wireless platform, so, we all talk about what we find out and pass it on, in any subjects sailing and boating related.

The guys I met doing the marine products were wireless engineers for AT&T, ClearWire and SPRINT network stuff. The units they make are "commercial grade" Just wanted to talk about WiFi - sorry for sounding "commercial" I an expert at buying bad gear for high dollars. Guess there's a bunch of better gear than I could find, in my years of searching. I do wish they did paid me, but they did give me a box, so I guess that iI got paid.

While Jandy did not respond to my direct inquirey about his commercial interest in this product, he has more than intimated in the above quoted material that he does not have one.

However, we went back a bit and reviewed one of his first posts to SailNet. You can see the post here:


We had to edit that post to remove commercial content. Here's how it originally read (emphasis added):

Originally Posted by jandy View Post
Marine WiFi -The Good, The Bad and The Un-reasonably Priced

I am a blue water sailor/owner gearing up my 50' Sparkman Stephens sloop for world travel. I have an extensive background in computers, servers, electronics, optical fibre networks, broadcasting, manufacturing and the such. Becoming very unhappy with the SAD STATE of the whole marine WiFi hardware and services situation; poor config's, HIGH priced-low quality gear, seeing confusing and BAD information from individuals all over the net that have no idea what they are talking about, extremely expensive SAT systems and well, you know the rest, etc. I decided to design and build my own system. Well, low and behold, one thing lead to another and i ended up working with several OEM's around the world and locally for mother boards and power supplies. marine ABS housings and component manufacturing and have become a manufacturer, without originally intending to do so. Long story short, the product line is called 802Marine™ NOT $2,500 or $2,000 or $1,500 - High power units are now being manufactured which will be $499.00 MSRP and sell for under that - They connect to a 12dBi or 15dBi 2.4 ghz antenna with LMR400DB White or ANCOR RG213 and work great - 7+ mile range - (We've seen signals at far greater distance too) Some of these things I read out there stating 4 or 6 watt systems - this is false information. The maximum allowed FCC (USA/Canada), CE (Europe) and TELEC (Japan) ISO's, under IEEE 802.11 b/g standards is; 1000mW. So don't be fooled. There is no need to spend THOUSANDS of dollars for real nice, super powerful WiFi system and connect it to your hub and wireless outfit your whole boat, other comps, printers, etc. Free WiFi is all over the world and coming soon to the USA, Canada and Caribbean - (if they like it not - free WiFi is sweeping the planet) Anyway, I am open to straight talk/answer any questions from anyone interested in what I am making or just talk on-board WiFi stuff in general. I can't post the site which is under final construction because I am new to sailnet but if you contact me through "Private Message" I will send pdf's and info on all of this stuff and more on what I am doing. Marine WiFi is now as important as your VHF and SSB (well, almost, you know what I mean) More later and we'll see you on the net/sea VERY soon. Oh yeah, nice little 500mW portable for going ashore - too!!!

So it appears we have our next Hall of Shame entry.

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