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This Christmas my wife and I have spent our small income on 20 children less fortunate than others they are the New Orleans getto children she teaches third grade to.We do not preach Jesus Christ to them or Santa Claus who was a sailor if you know his history the real Santa that is was a sailor which I do tell them about.And because my twice Great Grandfather sailed to Australia and started a buisness and was a believer of Jesus my dad was also and once owned the Vanderbuilts Schooner he was a believer. These little black kids have a tough life they live in a black neighborhood where allot of people never muttered the words Merry Christmas or used Jesus name for good. We are not rant and rave christians and I am not sure I will make it to a better place or if I will just rot like road kill. But I will still use any tool I can to make this crappy world a better place.For such a beautiful planet we sure have made a mess of it. If only one of the kids smiles then we have done something good if one heart is warmed by this then we have done something good.If one life mine is made happy then we have done something good. The story of Jesus and Christmas are just a foundation passed down as a guide for being kind and good when we can it is a right which we are given by our fathers and our fathers father. it also gives us the right to say we do not want this and that is your given right. So MERRY CHRISTMAS to the people who have the same belief and to the people who hate this have a nice day and smile JESUS loves you no matter who you are. And I think this is a GENERAL DISCUSSION BOARD that means we can talk about the birds that crapped on your birthday cake the blue ones with smiles on thier little birdy beaks
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