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Okay, I get it. I''m slow but I see the pattern. In 2005, as the appropriate dates roll around, someone''s going to write ''Happy Easter'' in the spring, ''God Bless America'' on 4th of July, ''Pray for those in the hurricane''s path'' during the summer, and so forth.

And for each of these relatively innocuous comments, the response will surely come, "Easter? Bah!" and "God? Not on this board!" and "Pray? Humbug!"

And then I, if I live so long, in turn will surely say things like, "They have a right to talk; they''re not hurting you; they''re not hijacking anything and if you don''t want the conversation to continue, just don''t egg them on; what makes you think you can determine the content of this board?; which gods are we allowed to reference on this board?; and what have you got against the Christian God?", and so forth.

So, let''s get it over with now: May God bless you this New Year, Happy Easter, God Bless America!, Pray for those in the hurricanes'' paths, Merry Christmas, and of course, Enjoy Your Holiday for every other holiday that will come this year.

Now it''s your turn to try to take the holy out of "holiday". And make it "happiday"?

Is there any purpose to this cycle, or any benefit from it? Can''t you guys just accept the benedictions, the spirtual side, of your sailing brothers without derision, correction or argument? Can''t we all just get along?!

But truly, best of fortunes to all this holiday season,
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