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To anyone who may be peeved by another posting on this thread, I apologize. Please feel free to ingore this post.


You''re wrong when you say that the founding fathers were not Christian, were wary of Christians, or were deists.

I edited out 3 or 4 paragraphs of objections to your inaccurate historical assertions. If you are interested, please e-mail me and we can discuss it further while off the board. But I will leave in a couple of points because I think they do really pertain to this board.

One of the admonishments that appear on this site (on this topic and others) is "check your history books." It seems to me that this bellicose suggestion is meant to lend credence to a statement that is otherwise untenable as fact. This also unfairly puts the burden of evidence on the reader to disprove an assertion rather than placing it where the burden properly belongs, on the writer. I often see this remark used after a patently false statement has been made. Please, it weakens your arguement. Don''t use it. But, since you brought it up, please provide the references, including the primary sources for the revisionist historical positions you have stated. I ask this because I believe you are wrong and your remarks are injurious to the promulgation of the truth, to the reputation of the founding fathers, and to the culture in this country today.

One more pertinent point. To once again quote the bumper sticker: Jesus is the Reason for the Season. The thought that "Merry Christmas" can be said without anyone complaining but referring to Jesus at the same time is offensive, is ludicrous. To think that "Merry Christmas" can be spoken without intrinsically referring to the Christ, Jesus, is absurd. It is such a senseless remark that it clearly demonstrates your personal prejudice. You just want to "get away from all that!" as you say. But that is your agenda, not everyone else''s. What you are doing is trying to bully people into not exercising their God-given and Constitutional rights to free speech. Don''t try to twist history and bully contributors to this site just because you have a personal problem with a certain portion of the world.

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