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There is no God; People created gods to fullfill a deep need for justice and hope. This can be a good thing but everyone needs to remember that if there is justice in the world it is because people are just. Saying a prayer is an awful way to do something. If you want to do good send a dollar or give a helping hand. Praying may make you feel good but it doesn''t help anyone. saying a happy greeting to fellow humans is a great thing,we should do it everyday. People working together can make this world a better place. Fashion with gods is constantly changing I remember growing up in a fire and brimstone baptist church. God loved me but was waiting for me to screw up so that he could send me to hell. Now god is a sugar daddy that will provide all of my worldly needs. In past cultures like the Mayans god demanded human blood. thankfully the christian god only demanded animal sacrifices. Who knows what style of god will be popular in a few years. Hopefully god as a sugar daddy will stay popular. Hanging by a spider''s silk above a everlasting pit of fire is not my concept of a loving god. Isn''t it ironic that god created us imperfect so that he could punish us for our imperfections?? A loving god would create us as perfect creatures in a garden of eden where we could live in peace and happiness...right?? Exactly why would a loving god create sin??? My questions are endless!!!
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