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You know, with all respect to DelmarRey (with whom I agree), I really liked your response. I think you''re right that the questions are endless.

But if there''s a chance that there is a god, then this is the most important and profound question of all. I disagree with your conclusion, but you certainly cut to the hearth of the matter. Is there a god?

Of course, I think it is far easier to be completely wrong than it is to be mostly right. The fundamental assumptions one brings to his contemplations are crucial to the accuracy of his conclusions. There is stuff we’ll never know in this life-- mysteries, as the Bible puts it; things beyond the scope of what''s been disclosed or beyond the capabilities of our finite minds to grasp. Things like, Why did God create beings that would reject Him? And, Why are humans redeemable while fallen angels are not? And, What does it mean to be created in the image of God? I''ve heard all the short answers and they all seem a little short-sighted. But, just because you don''t like the questions, I don''t think that justifies the answer that there is no God. Let me say for the record that I believe Jesus is God.

Nonetheless, I think your post succinctly put your views out there, and I appreciate that. After all, you gave your point of view rather than shouting, "I don''t want to talk about it, and you can’t either!"

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