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I am no social scientist but I believe in reason. A society based upon reason is better for many reasons. When the churches position that the earth was flat and that the sun went around the earth it was based on the bible. The bible clearly states that god stopped the sun from going down so that the Isrealis would have more time to kill their enemys. Just to question that ideal was a sin. Reasonable people decided that what they saw with their own eyes only made sense if the earth was going around the sun. Joshua Slocum when he went to south africa, a very religous country, was forbidden to say that he was sailing around the earth. He had to say that he was sailing around on the earth. In bible school I learned about king david and his battle with Golaith. They left off the part about Saul''s sin. He was supposed to kill every man ,woman, child and animal. He was supposed to cut down every fruit tree and grape vine. Posion the wells with salt. Leave nothing but scorched earth. Saul''s sin was that he kept some of the animals!!!! A loving god indeed. Exactly what did a goat or sheep do wrong??? We won''t even ask about an infant child''s sin.
You judge a tree by the fruit it bears. Look at the bitter fruit that judaism, islam and christianity have borne. Even among christians the misery in northern ireland. Our founding fathers were absolutely correct to separate the church from the state. In old england the church and state supported each other with the church saying that it was god''s will that the king was king. that doesn''t sit well in democracy. And what do you think the poor african slave thought when reading the bible that was telling him to obey his master??? And those witch trials where a poor woman once accused was sure to die. First they tried to drown her. If she drowned then she was a good woman..oops. If she didn''t drown then they burned her at the stake for being a witch. Biblical justice???
When god strikes down those who say falsely that they are doing god''s will or that they know god''s will I will believe...again. People love to believe it is our weakness but believing a Jim Jones or a Adolf Hitler probably leads to destruction.
With reason if I disagree with you and you are reasonable we can discuss our differences and come up with the truth ,hopefully. But if you say god told you that jesus is god and I say god told me that the mesiah hasn''t yet arrived how do we compromise??? How can I possibly trust someone who lies about god??? How can you love someone who rejects your god???
Give me Reason and compassion!!!!
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