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If you want to correspond about all this, I''d be glad to. Your questions are valid. But I''ve been through this before. On this topic, I''m sure some readers are marginally interested, some are disinterested, some must sigh longsufferingly and a few are incensed. I have answered some of these questions before (or, at least, I thought I gave good answers) because I thought some people really might not know, but would like to know, the fundamental, evangelical Christian view. From now on I''ll leave that to others, as the subject will assuredly come up from time to time.

I know this is not a bait and switch web site-- look for boats and find a preacher-- and I have no intention of turning it into one. On the other hand I still contend that simple comments such as I''ve mentioned earlier (including "pray for those in the way of the hurricane") are innocuous and do not constitute proselyting or "hijacking" of the site. The fact is that if people hadn''t so consistantly and venomously overreacted and wasted so much ink (virtually speaking) trying to quash these sentiments, much of the misery the self-appointed censors are moaning about would have been avoided.

I only responded to this thread this time because I can''t stand people who tell others to shut up, especially considering the importance I place on the subject matter and the fact that I believe civil discourse and open, uncensored inquiry are not only wonderful benefits of our form of government but also necessary underpinnings to it and to our society as a whole.

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