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Red face Universal M25XP / Kubota D950 question

Ok... so here's the deal. I have a M25XP that's seized and a running Kubota D950 tractor motor. There is countless information on the 'Net about the fact that the M25XP is a marinised D950 and for the most part, everything's been a direct swap. My main issues is setting the valves.

Believe me, I've set valves before. I know you always do it with a cold engine. In fact, on Wednesday I set the valves on my freind's 2 cylinder universal diesel and it ran great when I was done!

Specifically here's the problem:
1) the flywheel just has a single TDC marking (label 1TC) and serveral other grooves some marked "10" and "20". I would think these other marks must be for injection timing ok fine. No problem here.
2) with no transmission on the engine there's no transmission bellhousing notch to line up, I had to get creative. The injectors were already out so I could see the top of the cylinders. So I turned the flywheel by hand until Cyl #1 (the one closes to the v-belt) is in compression and then looked at the flywheel notches. Nothing on the back of the engine looked like a timing mark at first until I noticed a raised stud (at 11 o'clock)on the back of the engine... right inline with the flywheel. It was nowhere near the factory mark on the flywheel. So I rotated the engine counterclockwise when facing the flywheel until the stud lined up with the #1 mark. And then I realized that it was #3 that was really at top dead center. Ok... now we're getting weird.
3) Then I got out my feeler gauge. #3's exhaust valve gap was at .014 and intake valve was .000. Strange. My knowledge of Universals is that both are suppose to be .007 when the cylinder is in compression. I put an injector back into the cylinder #3 so I confirm it was in compression. I turned the flywheel around twice... exhaust then compression... to confirm this. It was. Ok now it's getting really weird.

For those that are wondering, the flywheel has never been off this engine. Heck, the injectors and even the valve cover have never been off this engine!

1) Where is the timing mark on a Kubota D950 ( or D850 or D750 which all same stroke)?
2) Is it really possible that Kubota number's the cylinders different that Universal? Could 1 and 3 really be reversed?

3) I understand the whole concept of "rocking the rockers" until they're at their most open and watching the valve open and close to confirm which is exhause and which is intake. Again, I literally just did a valve adjustment on a 2 cylinder Uni! What other tricks should I know?
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