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Lubricating mast track

I agree with Jack here. Vaciline and graphite are probaly not the best idea here. McLube has a good product for this application. I have also used Bloeshield quite successfully for a quite a few years now. If you never plan to paint your mast then silicone is also good choice as well.

The key to reducing the friction on a track is to make sure the track is clean first. Some years back I stitched heavy canvas and terricloth on to some sail slugs. I soak a fabric covered sail slug in mineral spirits or alcohol and pull it up and down the mast a few times, (tie the down haul to the halyard and the slug) change slugs and do it again until the track feels clean. Then I do the lube thing by putting lube on one of the fabric covered slugs and pulling the slugs up the mast. I also put lube on the individual sail slugs. It''s a good idea to have paper towels handy when you do this and to be careful not to get lube on the sails as it leaves oily stains.

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