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Newport 30 VS The World

Wow. I thought this post died, yet it was reanimated when i wasn't looking.

Now i'm far enough along in a deal that I'd like to say my location is near the Chesapeake, and due to circumstances, this thread's title became obsolete.

You see, i really meant to get a 27. It's all i can really afford, and I saw my dad's catalina 27 and i could imagine living on it. BUT THEN the market reared its ugly head and some guy offered to sell me a ---- for a price that was too good to pass up. So along with my first boat comes my first loan. And with something that size, i need a survey, long story short i'm spending a hell of a lot more money than i thought i would. "it's an investment", i tell myself.

This thing's got propane oven and range, head, water heater, universal diesel. I've lined up a haul powerwash and survey (and a captain, the owner is too busy to pilot it for the sea trial). The one thing that has me vexed is I very well can't paint the bottom on a survey haul, so I'll have to reach into my pockets for a second haul since i'm assuming they'll most likely pressure wash off large amounts of bottom paint. I'd like to wish the barnacles away for a while between those two hauls while my banking account comes up for air, but I don't know how long I have.

As for insurance, I haven't a clue. I figure i'm living on the damn thing, so I probably need more than liability. A wiser friend says I need towing. The boat was struck by lightning once before, so I'll have to make sure i have St. Elmo's Fire coverage... I tried to get a 'quote' from boatus and was subjected to the second most intense barrage of questions i've ever seen in my life, that will leave me calling the current owner and asking him personal questions. Does a dinghy with an outboard obviate tow service?

It's all quite exasperating but allowing for $1k a year maintenance, I still save money vs renting a room in a house full of bozos. I'm open to more realistic maintenance estimates, but afaik the vessel is pretty damn well maintained so far. Cost points to watch out for, i'm all ears. I'm all about TCO.

I've been lurking the sailnet forums every bit of the way. I'm fascinated with the idea of wind and solar. -rant- The effectiveness and solar and wind thread has the worst noise to signal ratio i've ever seen, by the way, I humbly submit that that entire thread is wiped out and restarted in an attempt to approach its original intention. -/rant- I'd like to run biodiesel in the universal.

I'm a bit dismayed by the heating equipment others have acquired. I thought I could get by on a space heater, but it seems that electric heaters are more of an accessory to a marine heating system, even on smaller craft. The thought of a naked flame onboard, almost assuredly close to something flammable, scares me as much of the thought of sleeping without the heat on.

Working name ideas

Naughty name ideas, guaranteed to break the ice at naughty parties.

Silly name ideas:
Tarquin Fin-tim-lin-bin-whin-bim-lim-bus-stop-F'tang-F'tang-Olé-Biscuitbarrel
Wind Dancer'); DROP TABLE Vessels;

most likely i've done a horrible disservice to future googlers to not split all these ideas among logically organized threads, but hey, you asked for an update.

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