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Asking vs Selling price

I am a broker and my experience has been that most owners have 10-15 % figured in for negotitions. Please know that we do NOT set prices on our customers boats. We do the research for them and give them the best information available, but in the end they tell us what to set the price at and what they will accept for the boat. Some folks are reasonable some are not. Most folks seem to think that there boat is worth much more than it actually is. It is my opinion that this is because people want to believe all the wonderful and expensive gismo''s and gadgets they installed when they bought the boat still add value years later. Unless all that stuff is very new it doesn''t seem to add much value. It takes time for it to sink in that this is part of the cost of ownership.
Having said that, are there deals to be had, yes, are they on every dock, NO. A deal is going to have a lot to do with your expectations. If you expect to find a Pacific Seacraft 34 in Bristol condition for $5000.00 I would recommend psychiatric care, it aint going to happen. If you are looking to get a PS 34 for $5000.00 under market value, that could happen but it will require patients, and dilgent searching. You will need to know your market in order to realize when you are looking at a deal. Derelick boats are rarely a deal, I can''t tell you how many people dream of finding a boat that they pay near nothing for and find out it only needed cleaning up. That doesn''t seem to happen much, from what I''ve seen these folks end up spending more on the old boat getting it up to speed than it could ever be worth. There is some merit to this idea IF you plan to keep it LONG term.(at my house this is defined as, long term = they are in my last will and testiment) If you plan to fix it up and sell it to make a couple bucks, you will more than likely end up one of the folks with that ridiculuosly over priced boats out there that wont sell.
Heres an idea for you, call a broker and be honest about what your looking for. It may take several brokers, but you will find one. If they have an owner that is anxious to sell or a boat that is undervalued to move quick we will tell you about it.
My personal experience has been, the problem with buying 1/2 price boats is the math doesn''t work well. When you add water to math everything seems to become exponential. The result works something like this, 1/2 X 1/2 = 1/4. You pay half price for the boat, being as how you got such a good deal you pour the other half in on goodies and a year later the boat is worth about a quarter of what you paid for it.
Very best of luck to you on your search. If you are in the southeast email me direct and I will help you find a boat.
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