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Hurricane season in Florida

jack...congratulations, you missed my point entirely. And its somewhat obvious you know little or nothing about Florida and its history of hurricanes. Actually, many businesses have located precisely where they are because of historical storm tracks, and many actuarials place much stock in them, otherwise insurance premiums would be universal...right? Yep, thats right. But Disney for instance built where they did because 1. the land was dirt cheap, and 2. Central Florida has historically had very little bad weather...even when Donna came through there was very little damage. Gee, I wonder where Disney''s spare offsite park is hidden?...sheesh!

The point that you missed entirely and tried so adroitly to dismiss was the fact that in reality....gven the number of hurricanes that are spawned in the, so, so very few ever really affect Florida. The majority of them miss Florida on the east and go to GA, SC, NC or even farther north, and the others for the most part head for AL, MS, LA, and TX. Andrew was an "exception", not the rule.

MY whole point was simple: Don''t let the alarmist cretins scare you out of enjoying a life while you live in Florida. I have lived here all my life...see a few hurricanes, seen a few tornadoes, and some real lightning shows...but nothing yet that would dissuade me from owning a boat. Shucks, I live on a 33 Morgan OI in SW Florida.....and trust me, I am not the least bit worried about hurricanes, storms, or anything else. Its all insured completely. Emotional attachment? Uh, theres a problem.... Not one I have. A boat is a thing that can be repaired or replaced...not much emotion there.

But I''ll tell you and the other fella please keep up the doomsday prophecies and maybe you can scare a few of the carpetbaggers into going back north, then maybe Florida will again be the eally nice place it was when I was a kid....a place where most people spoke "southern", and people were polite. Have a nice day, y''all.
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