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Wanting to go offshore in 2 yrs - buy right boat now ?

I guess the answer depends on a number factors that would be unique to your situation.

For example, you haven''t owned a boat for a 5 years, have you been sailing in these years and how rusty do you feel? If you feel really rusty I would buy a boat that is comparativelt small and responsive to develop your sailing skills again.

The decision might be influenced by where you sail now and how closely it resembles where you want to sail. If you sail in some predominantly light air venue and you plan to cruise areas know for high winds, you again might buy a light boat to mess about with and then a couple years out buy your more serious cruising boat. If you live in the Carribean and plan to cruise the Carribean then two boats might not be good idea.

Then there is funding. If you are not quite comfortably funded then you might be buying an older boat and it could easily take three years to put the old girl back in shape especially if you are trying to find used equipment or take advantage of big sales on the particular items that you need. If you are well funded you might end up buying a more modern offshore boat wna there is far less difference in speed, beating ability, and light air performance between some of the better offshore performance boats and coastal cruisers than there used to be.


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