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Cruising Catamarans Offshore

No Problem Gary
You probably read in my answers that I really like Cats... and that I know that some people hate them ( for whatever reason)

I am NOT an all knowing expert... by far not. I did a lot of reading on cats as I eventually will own one and go cruising with it, around the same areas as you are planning... the big dream, a lot of us all have.

I am also highly allergic to people who come up with standards like Euro A qualification and Loyds stuff and so forth. Also allergic of people who come up with fancy formulas about righting moment and comfort equaisons... Thats my own opinion and not up to discussion anyhow.

As far as Gemini, I looked at a couple and was not at all impressed with the quality of built. I think if you can see shortcomings than the rest ( which you cannot see ) aint so much better. Of course face it, its considerable cheaper than some of the french ones.

Prout. For a while I loved them, being a little over engineered in the rigging ( lots of stays ) and the fact that you can do mainsail changes ( reefing ) and stuff from the cockpit. But they are also slap happy ( low freeboard between the hulls ) and they are heavy. Heavy means slow. I dont want a multi when it is slow ... Motor with that saildrive thingy didnt impress me either .

WHat I liked : PDQ 36 Classic. Yes the CLassic with two outboards in a hole. You can lift them out of the water completly, they dont weight a ton, are easy repaired and so forth ...there used to be one for sale with all pink headliner and all interieour... went real LOW for around 100 grand. Almost bought it, but than real live kicked in and college for daughter was more important.

Also I like the 35 and 37 Fountain pajots , these are tanks.. but sail refreshingly fast.

Problem is with Multis more than Monos that people STUFF them full with all kinds of stuff. There is sooooo much room to do that. However due to the lower initial weight of a multi adding 2000 lbs of STUFF will mean you just added 25 % of the total weight. ( JUST FOR KICKS it alwasy depends on the boat, keep calm , it can be 27 or 23 % , who cares ) In a 30000 lbs mono hull the 2000 lbs dissapear ( again calm... its JUST an example )

Money no object I would get a 42 footer with dagger boards and go-fast carbon rig
lotsa sail area and so forth ... will never happen.....

than again I might find one of those upside down multis floating around...there seem to be ( YES I should keep my mouth shut )

There are many cats around, and more and more coming. Email the guys at 2 hulls or Cheaspeake Catamarane center. Both are good people to deal with.

Corsair 28 is a FAST alternative, Centercockpit version is ugly and there is NO room on the boat. Also you will be racing all the time ( which is fun ) Super fast boat which needs a strong hand. Expensive as them suckers dont loose value.

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