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Shaft Log Leak (Pics)

I posted this at the end of the other post about another members shaft log leak but I realized I might be hi-jacking his thread so figured I would just start a new one.

Boat just went in a few weeks ago and just this past weekend as I was playing around with the stuffing box I noticed a small leak coming from the platform the muffler is screwed onto. It only leaks when the engine is in gear and at cruising RPM and it sprays a very small amount of water from a small pin sized hole. The muffler seems to sit on a raised platform of fiberglass ontop the solid fiberglass of the hull so that the screws don't screw into the hole. It is inbetween these two layers that I notice the leak. At first I thought it might be the muffler but I took it out and it is dry. Also it does not leak at all unless this boat is cranking under power so I think it could be the shaft log leaking.

Also as you can see from the 2nd pic, the boat does not have an external shaft strut - the shaft just comes right out of them hull.

Is this something that is a major problem? Should the boat be hauled or is this something that can wait till end of season? Is this type of thing normal?



Also what is surrounding the shaft log? Meaning in the part of the boat you can't see from the prop to where it enters the cabin near the stuffing box? Is it hollow? is it fiberglass? I'm trying to figure out that if water is getting outside the shaft log, what it might be damaging

Morgan 323
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