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Sam & Cheryl ??????

Assuming no copyright laws are being breached. . . following is a cut & paste of a note posted on the SAILjazz forum, responding to this topic:

Re: Sam & Cheryl...any info...any comments? 2005-01-19 10:05:00 <Cheryl Boyle>


Thanks for letting us know about this. Sam is probably a bit too
constrained and modest to answer this. I''m not.

There are a lot of questions in that Email... why did we leave SN? Why no
goodbyes? Why start SJ? In other words, what''s all this jazz about? There
are also some specific assumptions that I question.

Bob''s questions are understandable. Yet, he seems to be overlooking the
need for some discretion. One is not always free to say everything that
one might like to say. What I can say is that we left SN suddenly with no
time for goodbyes. I can also emphatically state that we did not profit
from SN in any way at the time of our departure, nor will we in the future.
Our departure was mutually agreed upon with the investors at SN. We simply
did not agree on a path forward and they felt the need to make a change.

Given our long history of personal involvement with all the lists, I can''t
understand how anyone who is an "old-timer" on one of the oldest lists could
possibly believe that we would simply walk away without so much as a
goodbye. These groups became our extended family as well... hanging with us
through personal and business ups and downs. I am disappointed that after
ten years someone would feel compelled to place some "burden of
notification" upon us.

As for the lists themselves... perhaps I am mistaken but I believe we
launched IP from a dead start. It grew because people participated, but it
also grew because we invested the personal time to nurture and support it
over countless technical problems, huge growth, flame wars and other issues.
No one pays you enough to work 18 hour days to keep a list server going when
bad stuff happens. You do it because you have a passion for the vision. I
know the sacrifices our family made and they appear to have been minimized
to a point I do not understand...

I also know that Sam''s involvement in the lists continued unabated for 10
years. Yes, he had some great people who helped. However, almost every
single initiative and improvement came from him. This past summer he
personally implemented the new software, spent weeks on the beta and
restructured the entire platform. Why do you think SJ came on-line so
fast... and already has significant improvements over the alternative?
Because the architect is sitting here!

We launched SJ because we believe in our own vision. We believe in building
community. We invested ten years in building SN. First as a community and
later as a retailer. In the course of that experience we learned some
valuable lessons.

Our goal is to have a vibrant community that caters to the special needs of
our audience. We do not see this as competitive with SN. We believe that
you can be a great retailer... or you can have a great community. We have
no desire to be a great retailer. We believe that you should continue to
buy from SN as long as they continue to provide great service and value.
They provide a much-needed alternative in the retail space.

For our part, we want to provide an independent community where people can
openly and honestly critique any and all suppliers, builders and even
retailers. Those that do well should be recognized. Those that don''t
should be warned.

Implicit in Bob''s post was the question, "why haven''t we posted a request
for support to the SN lists.?" That would be inappropriate in our mind. We
don''t have any such problem here. We very much appreciate the support and
participation of anyone who shares our vision. We are on a mission to
"Bring Sailors Together" and build a sustainable community that fulfills our
vision. We can only hope that a significant number of you share that


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