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Rotted core around baby stay tang :(

Hi All...

The prior owner of my boat decided that the best way to fix a leaking baby stay tang was to smear a pile of silicon around the cover and call it a day. Too bad it leaked like a sieve.

Today, I removed the tang. It mounts right below the deck and protrudes upward through a 2 inch by 1/2 inch slot cut for it. Removing it was relatively easy.

There was no epoxy surrounding the inside edges of the slot. Using an alan wrench, I dug a small mountain of rotted core material out of that slot and I am not sure I got it all. It was moist and as I dug deeper I was getting larger chunks of core material as opposed to the fertalizer I got when I started. It also got harder to dig, as the alan wrench only goes in so far.

The void in the deck now extends about 2.25 inches in each direction from the slot.

To repair this do I need to cut open the deck, recore, and reglass? I am really hoping there is a way that does not require that. Aside from it being a big project I have no idea how to do, it will probably be next to impossible to match the color and non-skid surface.

This has really ruined my week, but I would appreciate any suggestions. I snapped a few pictures and will post them tonight or tomorrow, but they don't show much more than a 2 in by 1/2 in hole in the deck. Oh, and the pile of rotted wood
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