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Originally Posted by EBdreamn View Post
I admire those who are willing and able to do more with less. It must be exhilerating for them to undertake their quests under the most severe and primative circumstances. It is no less exhilerating for me to watch them with ice in my drink, cool air in my bunk and every technological advantage guarding my life as I explore the same world. I know my limits and I am not ashamed nor diminished by them. I applaud and to a degree envy those made of stiffer stuff.....but I am grateful that it no longer takes this fabric to see the world from the deck of a boat under my own terms and control. I eagerly watch and listen for the sounds of their triumphs....wait let me turn down the stereo...ok... go.
Doing more with less. There is nothing wrong with focusing on the "with less" part, I suppose, not having ice, or a stereo, etc, but I find it more interesting to focus on the "do more" part of the phrase.

Two hypothetical young cruisers each sell their basic home for 300k$us and intend to go cruising ...

Young Cruiser #1 wants the creature comforts, wants the bigger boat, etc, nothing wrong with that, that's the great thing about cruising, you can do whatever you want within your own limits. So Cruiser #1 spends half on a boat - 100k$us, and refits with most of the comforts, ice maker, stereo, all the rest, solar panels, water maker, and by the time it's all said and done let's say the cruiser has spent 160k$us leaving about 140k$us. The cruiser wants to stay in marinas at 50$us/night maybe once a week (2.6k$us/year), eats at restaurants for 50$us/week (2.6k$us/year), insures the boat well, and blah blah blah, and basically ends up spending 40k$us/year in expenses to live in basic comfort. So with that 140k$us they had left, divide that out and let's say they can go cruising for 4 years before they run out of money, a nice comfortable long vacation the cruiser will never forget.

Young Cruiser #2 gives up the creature comforts and economizes, wants the very basic smaller boat, etc, and is careful with their money. No ice, no stereo, maybe a solar panel for their VHF, but nothing fancy at all. Cruiser #2 starts with an inexpensive boat, shops around and finds one for 50k$us, 70k$us after refit with the basics (wind vane self-steering and little else). They never stay at marinas, don't eat at restaurants, and all the rest, and manage to drive their expenses down to 6k$us/year (people have lived on less). So all said and done out of their initial 300k$us they've spent 70k$us on the boat leaving them with 230k$us, and invested at 5% interest that is 11.5k$us year in interest, of which they use 6k$us for expenses, leaving a surplus of 5.5k$us/year. If the cruiser ever decides to go back to life on land they've got 230k$us in their pocket plus whatever surplus they've saved along the way.

Same 300k$us initial investment; Cruiser #1 has the comforts and goes back to work in 4 years, broke, and Cruiser #2 goes without the comforts and goes back to civilization whenever they want, or never.

Enjoy your ice.

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