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I appreciate the analysis...and I can't say I disagree with any of it. In fact the hardest part of starting the journey away from civilization is not...for most....finding the money ....its finding the nerve. If the mission is to get out and stay out and not ever really work again, then rationing cash is the same idea as rationing water on a long passage. Its all critical to the mission. I don't think you are saying that cruiser #1 is some how inferior to #2 just because he may run out of money and return to point in the previous post was....sort of....that both are experiencing the same world in different ways...which is good...I wan't everyone to be here...good things happen out here whether you have ice or not. I read every post in this string before putting in my own. I was attempting to comment on what I saw as an unfriendly/unsailorly attitude toward those who use their money in a certain buy comfort afloat if you will. No one with any sense wants to be viewed as a poser who simply goes out and attempts to substitute experience with gear...and I admit there is a certain satisfaction every time I hand a golf partner his hat having used my 30 year old well worn clubs when he's swinging more titanium than an F-16. I get it.....but.....At the end of the day I still want him as a friend and equally important is the fact that the experiences we share are fundamentally more important than how we come by those experiences. It is not fundamentally foolish to use your money....and that is what this divide seems to be about $$$$ is not foolish to use your money to buy stuff..sailing or otherwise. It is also not necessarily a superior experience to do with out the stuff....though it has its own special rewards... I suspect that posers will eventually return to land because they are not cut out for the wet life....that or maybe...just maybe.... they will see that they can do more with less and begin to pare down the must have list.....I understand the exhilleration of using each tool to its utmost and accomplishing mission after mission without EPIRB, insurance or 3 heads....but I am equally understanding of how we all need to be accepting of each others personal choices.....expect the best of each other and invite the Oyster owner over for a cocktail and a story.....he may bring ice.....and his exploits are possibly quite entertaining......count no one out....include everyone....share everything...add more than you take........these are universal pole stars of sailing...and life. and cranberry sucks warm.....
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