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It has been interesting reading your responses to my original post. As someone who spent many years working in law enforcement, I am seeing tactics in Canada switch from a relatively polite British style of law enforcement to an aggressive American Style. I know we are lucky to have highly educated candidates still applying for jobs as officers but I wouldn't want to be in the field nowadays.
When I am cruising, this is my home. When I am at anchor, I want my home to be as private as my condo. This is still a free country... or at least it was. Oh, by the way, these safety inspections include questions like...what do you do for a living?....where are you going?......what are you doing down there that is illegal ? and other safety issues along the same lines.
These aren't safety inspections as much as tossing the whole coast and seeing what floats to the surface. I don't see how hundreds of armed high speed inflatables roaring around all our waterways will stop a determined terrorist. All a terrorist would have to do is use a Bayliner 60, I have yet to see a Mountie board a large (read wealthy) power boat. I am sure they do, but I haven't seen or heard of it yet.
Question authority.... Protect the few rights we have left....Challenge aggressive law enforcement (carefully) wherever you find it. If a police officer violates my charter of rights, I will pursue this through the courts.
I am a fan of the RCMP, they didn't decide to start doing this. Someone from the U.S. has convinced Canada to co-ordinate law enforcment tactics on both sides of the border. This is now what we have... a U.S. led initiative to make us like them. Overkill..... just my really doesn't mean much.. John
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