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Vacuflush toilet, head. toilets

I like these heads and am not involved in selling them, but I have worked on all kinds of heads for customers over the years. Let me tell you what I like and what I don''t like.

I like that they work great 95% of the time, and if you use your head, they work great 99.5% of the time. They don''t smell. They only use a pint of your own fresh water, so you don''t need the extra thru-hull and you don''t get the smell of stale seawater or stinky-ass canal water in your head. Since the Sealand head uses so little water to flush (about 1/3 to 1/4 of a regular head) your holding tank lasts a lot longer. It is virtually impossible for a Vacuflush head to lose a seal and allow seawater to back into the boat and sink the boat. Women love them because they are oderless and clean. They are totally easy for anyone to fix.

That''s most of the good.

Now for the not so good.

They are expensive. About $1000 plus installation of about another $1000 for a full system. They need extra space for the vacuum pump and vacuum tank. If the little seal in the botom of the head is leaking a little (something nasty in it) the vacuum pump will automatically cycle every half hour or so all night long, making you finally get up, swearing and cursing the day you spent two grand for this freaking nightmare, and turn off the circuit breaker. The next day when you fix it in a second, you''ll be glad to have it again. There are also a half dozen clamps that might leak, which is why you really want to watch a pro install your first one.

By the way, Sealand makes their own oderless hose, and it really works, so let them include as much as is needed for the installation. At $8 per foot, it can get pricy.

Last item: there is a vacuum switch on the vacuum tank that controls the cycling. It costs about $150 and has a warning "Do Not Adjust - Calibrated At Factory" Take their word for it. It''s an expensive item to experiment with for fun. I have played with one while trying to fix a head that it turns out had a leaking vacuum pump (extremely rare). I was lucky that the head rep exchanged the vacuum switch for nothing because the whole system was under warranty.

As far as I''m concerned, the Sealand Vacuflush is the best head I know of, but I do know there are several other companies that make the exact same type systems, but I have zero experience or knowledge of them. There is one or two more U.S. makers, and a couple from Europe.
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