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Originally Posted by Winderlust View Post

You sound like MacGyver. I hope you're not saying we could all get our standing rigging replaced for something like $40 and the fact that you did it once, you don't mean to say: you'll be able to duplicate the bargain the next time you need it replaced. Which maybe sooner than normal.

Let's see: if the stove goes out, its the same. If the refer goes out, the same, the toilet same, Paying the utilities, same. Replacing the $40 rig, the $50 diesel, the thruhulls, the nav. lights, the any other boat part or system, Not the same! An apartment doesn't have them. As for the roof, that's the landlord's.
You can take any logical shortcut you want to justify the economics of a live-aboard, but it's just self delusion. Why encourage it?
First of all. I bought galvanized rigging at an industrial supply house and did the splicing myself. Total cost for turnbuckles, galvanized wire, thimbles, shackles, and stainless forestay?


Like I said before. And my galvanized rigging, I assure you, WILL LAST LONGER than any stainless job.

I am not taking any shortcuts justifying the economics of living aboard. I already showed you numbers, symbols which follow the rules of logic! Living on a boat is only expensive if you want it to be! Seriously, I don't see a single shortcut in that logic.

The rent is lower. The maintenance is actually quite low. I see boats all the time, that have had zero maintenance in ten years, that are way better than a tent. I don't think I am deluding myself or anyone else!


Geez people.

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