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The surveyor is just stating best practice. If you are adhering fg cloth to anything a layer of mat gives the layer of 10 oz. cloth more "surface contact" because it fills what would be voids between the threads of cloth with more resin. it doesn't contribute much to the structural strength but it would improve adhesion. I don't think it is necessary but you might buy some biaxial cloth that has a mat layer attached and use that. It will be strong and secure. With the mat already attached and using an air roller to spread your resin (epoxy) You should get a professional job. Wet the surfaces you are going to attach the biax to with resin, lay out the piece of biax onto the wetted surface, apply some more resin on the fabric side and spread it throughly using an air roller to force the resin into the cloth and any air out. It won't hurt to have a pint of MEK (not MEK peroxide) for cleaning up the epoxy resin especially from the air roller so it will live to roll another day. (you pre fit it and pre cut the biax and prepared the surfaces well, correct?) I am understanding that you are fastening bulkheads with the fg not building them out of fg, right? Be safe and wear some nitril gloves and protect your eyes. Epoxy resin is the best solution but it is a skin irritant and there are people with acute allergies to it that can produce serious reactions.
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