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Originally Posted by fazzollini View Post
The rigger who did my boat put so much weather helm that the boat turns up into the wind with a good puff.
One assumes you mean when you're close hauled or on a close reach. That's normal--to a degree.

Originally Posted by fazzollini View Post
I also think i'm loosing a lot of speed because i'm using to much rudder pointing.
More than about five (5) degrees? If so: Then yes.

Adjusting the rig really isn't all that hard. Two, no, three resources: Giu's ]Adjusting Your Rig How-To (I'd post the URL, but Sailnet's brain-dead software will destroy it - it's a sticky at the top of the Gear and Maintenance sub-forum), Ivar Dedekam's book: Sail and Rig Tuning, and a Loos gauge (I recommend spending the extra for the "Pro" model) and you'll be good to go.

I did our's last season, for the first time ever, w/o a Loos gauge. I came close. She performed adequately. Better than the season before, anyway. Helm had just a touch of weather in it. This year I had a Loos gauge (thoughtful birthday present from The Admiral). This season The Admiral has already commented on how she points higher and the helm is as good as last season, if not better.

It is amusing to let go of the tiller entirely, while we're going up-wind, and watch it just sit there, vibrating gently The first time The Admiral did that, last season, she goes "Look." I looked, and my eyes about popped out of my head. "Well, hon, I guess I got the rigging about right..."


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