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Originally Posted by sailaway21 View Post
Oh, blow it out 'yer ass, you sanctimonious little twerp. Who set you up, in your own mind, as the arbiter of threads good and bad? Are YOU on your way to Maryland to help out? Heck, no! You're just duck hunting at the county fair grounds, as usual. Did you get the impression that Chuck needed your approval? You act like a mother in search of a kid to raise. Cut it out. Or load up for the trip to Maryland.
And 180 again...

Let me turn the question around Sway. When Dog slams her from the get go, then you come along and throw down a sarcasm-drenched, vitriolic coup de grāce like THIS (which made the FC Hall of Shame by the way - thanks for that)...I think the question is...

Who appointed you guys the arbiters/interrogators of each new posters' "real" motives - motives you somehow seem to know at post #1?

Did you notice that you used the word "we" in your beatdown? Who's "we"? Who do you represent? Hmmm.

I think the more intriguing question is who exactly it is you guys feel the need to "protect" against these "obviously" bad people? The membership of Sailnet? "Less intelligent" members who can't spot baddies themselves and need some sarcastic, omniscient bouncers at the door to feel safe?

Then you guys proceed to set up some weird, made up "gauntlet of logic" through which the poster must pass before you let us all know that they're "okay" - that they're "legit"?

Man, oh, man. Who's being sanctimonious?

Sure, when you stand at the door and beat up every single person who dares to walk in, you'll ALWAYS get the bad guy. But at what cost?

Look, Cam said it best. Yeah, Cam.

Originally Posted by camaraderie View Post
Just be sure the OP is the former before boats change hands.
Kudos to all who have tried to help in any event. I would rather be the guy who GOT scammed...than the scammer.
And then you have Chuckles. He's the man.

You? Mallard or Pochard...I can't quite tell yet.
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