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What items would YOU take cruising??

Other than the day to day items, and some of the things previously mentioned, I would also carry a length of 1X19 wire, of sufficient size and length to be able to replace any of your standing rigging. Appropriate Norseman fittings to finish the wire. A spare halyard. Extra VHF antenna and cable. Bolt cutters of large enough size to handle all sizes of your standing rigging. If you don''t want to use a bolt cutter, then one of those nifty charge powered shears. Through-hull bungs for every size of through hull you have, and at least one for each, attached to the through hull by a piece of fishing line. Aluminum tin knockers tape... about 3 inches wide. Epoxy, hardner, and a variety of cloths. 5200, 4200, and regular caulk. A piece or two of marine ply. Hand saw. Vice. Tools for every device on board. Wrenches to fit every size bolt and nut on board. Hand cranked drill. Drill bits. Spare lengths of hose in a variety of sizes. Extra hose clamps. Spool or two of tinned wire. Solder. Gas fired soldering iron. Spare breakers. Sextant, and knowing how to use one.

The list goes on and on....
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