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In order to avoid a penalty, boat B has to complete its tack BEFORE boat A has to alter course to avoid contact. If boat B is a boatlength or more to leeward of boat A, it would seem that boat B completed its tack and that boat A has plenty of time (and room) to avoid boat B, which in tacking gained rights as leeward boat. Boat B seems to have tacked to leeward of boat A, completed its tack, and then headed upwind on its proper course. Boat A seems to have been proceeding to the mark, found a competitor to leeward, headed up in response to their luff, and continued past them. Just because boats get close together and interact doesn't mean there's a penalty. If boat A had to alter course to avoid boat B BEFORE boat B had completed tacking, then boat B should have done some turns. Otherwise, no foul.
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