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We all have slightly different objectives in boating. While the Mac26 series does not fit my objectives nor many others' objectiives, for a certain group of boaters, it exactly matches their objectives. And, apparently, that is a fairly sizeable group, otherwise they couldn't have sold so many. Not the best motor boat, not the best sail boat, but a good compromise for someone who wants a bit of both worlds (without buying two boats as I did), plans to trailer it to cover expanded areas, including lakes and coastal /near inshore waters, wants a fairly new boat of relatively simple design/construction with lots of room for a modest up front cost. Now Hunter has come out with their version, so there's interest in these boats.

Something that really bothers me, in these forums and in boating in general, is when people who have other boating objectives and different opinions trash these boats, with no regard for the feelings of those who do own them. Mac26 owners know that their boat is not built like a Hinkley, and that it's not for extended offshore boating, or that it's not some bluewater boat of a time past that has to be restored/upgraded (lots of people enjoy restoring older designs, that's ok, but others don't want to do such work). And if you are fortunate enough to own that big expensive Hinkley, or one of a host of slightly lesser boats, that's great, but don't feed your own ego at the expense of other less fortunate souls. Some years ago, I had a Kells 28, which was what I could afford and which suited my needs just fine. On my pier, there was a guy who owned a Cape Dory 36 with all the bells and whistles. If and when he'd talk with me, somewhere in the conversation, there would always be a derogatory comment about a boat like mine. It really made me feel great. We are about the same age, and I've moved on to a Catalina 320 (lots of people don't like Catalinas either) which I continue to sail, and now his Cape Dory is gone and he sails model sailboats on the nearby pond.

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