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low-budget performance passage-maker

A thoughtfully prepared Islander 36 would have had to have so much gear rebuilt and replaced that it might be difficult to consider it to actually be an Islander 36. It would likely be cheaper to buy a Morris 36, new, which would also give you some assurance that the thinking involved in preparing it (the Morris) was correct. Once in Europe, an Islander 36 would be fine, but based on what I''ve seen of them, the best way to get one transatlantic might be on the deck of a freighter. The North Atlantic can have big, smooth rolling swells and steady winds, like the Pacific. It can also change in less than a day to other, quite nasty conditions, with breaking 20'' waves and winds over 40 knots, and cold, besides. (Do you have a heater?) People have made it across in lots of different craft (the Brendan Voyage comes to mind) but the amount of adventure one generally wants to have is not always up to that level, especially if the traveler insists on being alive at the other end. JeffH summed it up nicely in another post on this forum about transatlantic voyages. He suggested that a transatlantic circle was probably the equivalent of about 10 years of HARD USE (my stress) to a boat. Perhaps yours would be up to it after you had thoughtfully prepared it, but it seems like a long row to hoe.
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