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Slideing gooseneck vs cunningham

Hi All...

I bought my boat last September and am still figuring out how the PO had it set up. I am trying to modify the rigging for maximum advantage in racing.

Currently, my boat has a track on the mast and a gooseneck that slides (not very well at all - it binds) up and down along this track. From the bottom of the gooseneck there is a very thin and short line that just dangles there with nothing to attach to. The main sail is equipped with a cringle for a cunningham, but no cunningham I can locate.

I am trying to decide how best to fix this. I have at least two options:

1 - Replace both the gooseneck and track with a system that allows the gooseneck to snap into place along the track, locking it in place, and rig a conventional cunningham (with a purchase) through the cringle.

2 - Keep the existing track and gooseneck (or maybe find a gooseneck that does not bind on the track) and run a 2:1 or maybe 3:1 purchase from the bottom of the gooseneck down.

The mast is deck stepped.

Setting aside the fact that the existing gooseneck tends to hang up on the slide, does it make a difference whether I tighten the luff from below at the gooseneck itself or at the cringle?

Snaping the gooseneck into place and using the cringle would create a small area of sail disruption at the tack, but not move the height of the boom.

Having the gooseneck slide avoids a bag in the sail at the tack, but then the height of the boom changes. I am not sure there is a disadvantage to that and I am leaning toward this system.

Either way, I need to mount the bottom of the down haul / cunningham somewhere, so the other concern is mounting something that creates vertical stress to the cabin top. This is a problem with whichever system I pick, so I would appreciate comments about that as well. Is it a valid concern?

Of course either way, I can bring it aft to the cockpit. I may or may not, as the cockpit is extremely small.

Thanks very much for any suggestions! I plan to do this over thr weekend. Got a nice race Saturday!
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