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Originally Posted by cnc33voodoo View Post
Imagine joining a motorcycle club and showing up with a vespa.
Fine if you want to have fun and ride one but dont go on about how its just as good.
Yet another nose in the air eltist attitude.
In some ways the Vespa is superior to the other motorcycles but they generally have their own Vespa club and have no desire to join the motorcycle club.
Here in the PNW we have our own MacGregor club with well over 30 boats membership.
The MacGregor is still a sloop sailboat in it's own right and is in a similar class as any other 24'-28' trailerable sloop sailboat. It is not comparable to a Vespa like a Sunfish would be.
I pulled into a very crowded bay one evening as other larger sailboats were leaving because there was no room for them. It was low tide and there was really not much room for the 30'+ sailboats leaving but I knew I could get closer to shore than they could so I cruised in closer, pulled up my daggerboard and rudders then ventured closer to the shores where there was plenty of room. Since it was low tide already I dropped anchor in about 2-3' of water and settled in for the night.
So much for the motorcycle club.

The Mac does everything it is advertised to do and does not pretend to be something it is not even if the odd eccentric owner does try to make it so. Those that buy it are not interested in your motorcycle club, they just want to get out on the water and enjoy sailing.
The view from the cockpit of a Mac is the same view others get from their cockpit and the sailing sensation is also similar albeit a bit corkier. I go everywhere the big boats go in the PNW at a lesser cost and faster motorsailing speed. I usually get that last available slip at the marina because I got there first. It does not cost me an arm and a leg for parts/maintenance or moorage and I can sail in shallower waters than other keel boats. I also have sailed past some of those other slower sailboats while on the same tack so I know there are slower sailboats out there. I have more room below than any other 26' boat out there and I can take on most anything the Georgia Strait can dish out with a few exceptions, I don't care for storms, but then, niether do the big boats.
Bottom line is The MacGregor is still a sailboat and always will be a sailboat no matter how many people bash it. If I had the $$ I would go out and buy a Morris 42 but still reminice over the fond memories of my 26' MacGregor.
I have seen a lot of sorry looking sailboats out there at different marinas and take pride when I look back at mine, I keep it well maintained and outfitted and it serves my purposes.
Bashing any boat be it a Mac Catalina or Hunter tells more about the person bashing than the boat they are bashing.

I used to ride a 650 Kawasaki for a few years and never looked down my nose at smaller bikes, not even the scooters. Today I am seriously considering a Vespa for retirement because it is not only just as good as a motorcycle but economically, far superior.

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