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Originally Posted by cnc33voodoo View Post
Sorry you feel that way.Im no elitist and respect you and your opinions as a fellow boater. Thank You and I in return respect yoursTruly, I believe a mac has its puposes and im sure they serve them well as I can see you and others in this thread love your boats.When i say "just as good", im referring to sailing ability.
However, as far as sailing goes I think a mac would have as hard of a time keeping up to say, a j24 as a vespa catching up to a kawasaki ninja.
I personally have never seen a mac involved in any club races or even flying a spinnaker for that matter. They have two versions of spinnakers
People who are buying boats with sailing put first do not buy macs. I did
My brother has a powerboat and so do some of my freinds with boats. I don't much care for powerboatsThey also go on about how they got to the marina or anchorage first and like to run cirlces around me when out on the water and make a point to have the bbq running and beer in hand by the time I get there.
They also anchor in 4 feet of water while im a dinghy ride from shore and are tied to the dock playing cards while im still returning in a storm.Good for them.

However, I like to sail.
I dont like the smell and sound of an engine when im in that zone.
Personally, I dont care how fast I get there because im already where I want to be.I wait all week to get on my boat,not to get somewhere and get off it.When at anchor I dont want to leave sight of my boat.
I couldn't agree more
The mac has made many sailors and their families happy for all the reasons you mentioned but I truly believe that if someone wants a boat for the thrill of sailing and has learned to sail a laser or even a j boat and then sailed on a mac afterwards they would think twice. There are many Mac owners who have owned and sailed on a variety of other sailboats.But your absolutely right, a mac sounds like a good boat, if you buy it for the right reasons.
One of the most glaring examples of hypocracy I witness is the amount of sailboats out there motoring. My wife and I do several extended trips of 4-6 days each summer and once we get among the islands the winds and currents are never cooperative, not only for us but every other sailboat out there. We all motor most of the time when going from bay to bay or marina to marina because of time, current and weather constraints. Once we get to the next marina we drop the dinghy at our slip and head back out for a couple hours sail, just like the other sailors do. All of us sailors are up against the same hurdles and yes I consider myself a sailor first and foremost.
Even though I have the HP to travel somewhat faster I rarely exceed my comfort zone which is between 3000-4000 rpm and that gets me about 6-8 knots, the exceptions being when I am late for slack tide in the passes or late making it to the next marina.
I just got my new Musclehead/Fathead mainsail this season. It has a larger roach than the oem main and carries an extra 30 sq.ft. of sail where it counts for a total of 200 sq.ft., add the 205 sq.ft. genoa and I am carrying 400 sq. ft. of canvas. (on a 26' boat) I had my first tryout with it last weekend and can say that it is a big improvement, I can really move now in those light winds we get here. Of course there are many other improvements I have and can make for sailing performance but all in good time.
I get the sails up and shut the engine down as soon as I am clear of the marina and much prefer sailing over motoring. But the sad truth is I only get to sail on weekends or when daysailing, once extended trips arrive I am in the same situation as every other sailor and reduced to motorsailing. That is just how it is out in the islands, you can get strong winds in one channel then dead calm in the next channel or winds and current going in the opposite direction you have planned and it is difficult to plan around the tides and currents. It is in these situations that the Mac shines brighter. I do get lucky though when mother nature is cooperative and facilitates me sailing to the next marina or anchorage. So what is that saying again... the journey is the destination??? oddly enough though, the sailors in my area all seem to have a destination, it is the next anchorage or marina.

Oh, BTW I do have the priviledge of sailing the magnificent San Juan Islands and beautiful Gulf Islands of the Georgia Strait in the Pacific Northwest. It is a sailors paradise during sailing season. I sail out of Point Roberts Marina, google it and eat your heart out!
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