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Originally Posted by LookingForCruiser View Post

b. I have the Orcagreen trianchor LED light. This has a pigtail that comes down, with 3 20-gauge wires. So I stripped them a good ways, twisted & folded the wire, twisted & folden again, and then crimped the 16-gauge heat-shrink butt connector to it (with 16 gauge wire on the other side). Now when I went to shrink the heat-shrink, it didn't shrink nearly enough to fit a 20-gauge wire. Also, on some wires there's a little scorch mark from where the flame from my little butane torch hit it.

I also don't like that little butane torch, no idea how I'm going to keep it from leaving little scorch marks. If I do redo things, should I switch to using a soldering iron to heat the heat-shrink tubing? Or just learn to live with tiny scorch marks?
I would have intertwined the 20 AWG wire into the 16 AWG wire, and twisted them together. Then, I would carefully feed them into one side of the butt splice, and crimp. Either tape off the other side of the butt splice, or put a short peice of 16 AWG in the other side.

In order to keep from scorching the tubing keep moving the torch back and forth over the entire tube. The torch should never be still relative to the heat shrink, and should never get closer than 1" from the tubing. It takes some practice, but I can do it with my butane torch without scorching.

If this won't work for you, there is a small butane lighter powered heat gun that essentially has a peice of screen over where the flame exits.

This "gun" throws heat, but not flame . These cost about $20 including a small disposable lighter. Available - Butane Heat Tools - Heat Guns - Iroda MJ-600 MICRO-THERM Cordless Butane Heat Gun
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