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Originally Posted by jaschrumpf View Post
It should be pointed out to you that a sailboat under power is a powerboat, and the sailor "beat[ing] back and forth across your bow" is perfectly in the right, and you need to avoid him. It may have seemed annoying to have him tacking where you want to go, but remember -- he has the right of way. And you'll appreciate that fact when you get better and you're the one tacking, and some powerboat pins you into the wind.

Glad to hear you made it! Keep on learning.
jaschrumpf, respectfully there's a big difference between someone having the right to stand on and someone abusing a rule. The sailboat could have adjusted it's course slightly to pass at my stern. I'm not saying that's the proper rule, but after you've cut across someone's bow 3 or more times I think it's time to adjust no matter who technically is suppose to stand on. Just like the powerboats are perfectly allowed to speed across the bay and can get very close, it's much more respectful when they pass far away.

If you think you can always follow the rule book verbatim and not run into real world problems, I'm not sure where you can sail without having a collision. I'd further offer that it is much easier for a sailboat on a close reach to fall off the wind a few points than a sailboat under auxiliary having to repeatedly alter course in heavy head winds. IMO everyone doing little things to make the waterways easier to navigate and more enjoyable is the right thing to do.

Originally Posted by scottyt View Post
glad you made it, you could have still called me.

you did the right thing about crawling up there, stay low and hold on. also yes the boat under sail has the right away. and i was at the stadium when the wind picked up, i am jealous i wanted to be on the water

hart miller is fun, i just run thru the pots and turn if i get too close. i have only bumped one, every so often i miss one and get too close, but i have never really hit or snagged one.
Scotty, appreciate the help. I didn't like crab pots but they weren't too bad. I don't think I'll be making it to Hart-Miller any time soon. But the sailing we did around the island and up toward the Key bridge was the most fun of the trip. The trip was only rough for an hour or two.
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