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Originally Posted by Barquito View Post
The bridge deck cracked on my Catalina 22. The keel winch mounts to the under side of the bridge deck. The winch supports the 500 lb keel, and probably gets overtightened occasionally. My question is how do I go about repairing the support (bridge deck) to remount the keel winch? My first thought is to through bolt a couple aluminum or steel plates on each side.
The bridge deck supports a little less than half the weight, the rest is on the pivot pin. I would rebuild it from below. As I recall from my 22 that isn't too bad an area to reach. You need to grind off all the gelcoat/paint they slapped on under there. I have found that the little 2" diameter rubber backed pads mounted in a pistol drill work quite well for this. Use the 24 grit ones. Not as fast as a 4" grinder, but you find that dust control is a REALLY big issue with a grinder! Think, take absolutely everything out of the boat and plan on vacuuming and wiping every square inch afterward!

A shop vac with a bag filter and holding the nozzle close does a pretty good job of getting most of the dust.

I'd use some 18 ounce woven roving and epoxy resin. Roll out the resin on the cloth then slap the cloth up against the deck using rubber gloves. Work with small pieces, maybe 8" square at the most and keep building it up. One layer is about 0.030" so you are probably going to need about ten layers. or so.

Hope this helps.
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