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Dont be scared, the Mac is quite ok,,,,

I have long looked at a new Mac26 from 2009. And therefore read this long thread with interest.

I am a trained sailing instructor, have had Chris Craft 27 (92) Dufour 33 (05) and Elvtrøm 1/4t, (open racing 250 KG), but I do not want to spend all the hours there are in preparation on the boat every spring and autumn.

I will not spend 2500 dollars a year on a space for the boat, up and dismantling, painting and much more, just as I was tired of having to spend 1500 dollars to insurance.

With statement here from the thread in the head, I ordered the test ride in a new Mac26.

From the outside it looks like something designed by a partially blind man whith color confusion (the blue and the high freeboard superstructure) But inside you can see that few designers have as much space from 26 feet.

It is to say the least, unsurpassed in space relative to all other 26 feet I have seen (+ / - 3 feet).

To start with we just had to try sailing characteristics of the motor, 50 hp.

It did well, but there were only 6-7 in the wind and small waves.

There after we switched off the engine and tried the famous (or infamous) sailing characteristics.

Compared to a Elvstrøm, this is comparing a VW beetle in relation to a Ferarri, so it does not help much.

Compared to a Dufour 33 (very similar to a Bavaria 33) I will not say that it is as bad as the rumor. But both of these types of boats are also Blue water boats, but yet they are tour boats. (and costs in Denmark from 150 to 170,000 dollars .compered to a new fully equipt Mac 60.000 USD)

Against the wind, It seemed to sail ok, but by a control on the GPS, you can see there is a great drift. It is expected with the type of keel.
Momentum could be maintained at 5.5 KNT, which is nice. Wind entering from the rear, it would beat most sailboats, but we also used all the sails.

With the wind from the side, there was considerable drift, until we came up to speed, and then drift was no greater than on a modern tour sailing boat with high sides and topedo keel.

Second day I tried it, was in 12 KNT wind, a little more challenging, and the ease of construction makes it needed to quickly be put on smaller sails, otherwise it is very down on the side. It makes the side effects, that i will give some drift. Against the wind, it sailed incredibly stable, and actually with nice speed (7-9 KNT).

After that, there are several here who say it is dangerous in high winds, it should also be tested.

The owner saw some worry out when I said we had to sail in the weather, it blew 18 KNT.

And let me say it right away, it is more fun and challenging than comfortable and safe in all boats to sail in that weather.

But the little Mac26 made it incredibly beautiful, very stable boat, which due to its high sides are sensitive to the wind (just like any other modern tour boats) but having said that, I would be able to appoint many other boats

I wanted to try out the Mac26 in 18 + wind. Mac26 advantage is clearly that it will be "dancing" on top of the waves, where a modern or lead keel boat would be washed several times. The price is of course that we get lyfts bit more round and do you get seasickness, then this helps not exactly on it.

Now I have tried, tested and must then decide me.

Would I buy a Mac26 family?

+ List:
idle cost
opportunity to sail across Europe via trailer option

- List
appearance from the outside
deck not suitable for subsistence
kitchen could be made smarter
create room

Properties on a scale from 1-10
50 hp engine with 3 men on board 6
Sail with 3 men on board in different wind 4

But the little mac26 has room for much improvement opportunities in relation to the sail properties. Not least the keel, a stainless and heavier maybe 1 / 5 longer keel would do much.

Should I make the design I would have made a heavier keel was slightly shorter and was longer in proportion to length of the boat, but then it will be geeky.

Overall, Mac26 has an ok properties of a sail boat with lifting keel. Only small dinghies such as the Lazer has that type lifting keel with success, but I have not seen another boat with lifting keel and toilet, so dont try to compare.

I would buy myself a Mac 26, and realize I did not win the match race with it, but after having sailed many competitions for the last 20 years, so I would still like to take a challenge. 80% of them I've sailed against can not use their boat sails capacity more than 70% anyway, and in those cases, an experienced sailor could win over many with a Mac26.

Now, I have had fast speed boats, big 33 feet boat, fast sailing boats and has admitted that I only come out at the 2-week summer holiday and 3-6 weekends per year. Theese needs of mine, the small mac easily meet. Should I get urge to speed up on the wind power, I have always my KITE with me in the boat.

I am fluent in English speech, but not strong in writing, so I've used google to translate. It can probably be notet in the text, but I hope it is understandable.
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